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The casual series "PORTER SHEA" is made of lightweight and subtly glossy nylon polyester twill fabric with a subdued color and a chic finish. Equipped with functions that are easy to use not only for everyday use but also for business, it has a size balance that is easy to hold.

The main material is a twill fabric with a rough weave of nylon and polyester, which is lightweight and has a good texture. Nylon threads are used for the warp threads, and black polyester dyed threads are used for weft yarn from the raw material stage, resulting in an elegant and subdued coloring. The interior is unified in greige color and finished with a soft impression. In addition, the back of the main body fabric is bonded so that it feels good on the skin.

The zipper features a symmetrical zipper that opens and closes smoothly, and a glossy Everbright gold color is used. The metal fittings are also plated with real gold*, giving it a lustrous sheen. In addition, it is easier to grasp by adopting a longer leather puller than usual.

The interior of the bag other than the pouch and wallet shoulder bag has a pocket that can store a PC or tablet device, making it easy to use regardless of whether it is on or off.

The tote bag type 3 has a sky gusset, and has a pocket that can store a tablet device independently and a zipper pocket that can fit a long wallet. In addition, the bottom tacks are also attached, making it easy to stand on its own. Daypacks and rucksacks come with cushioned rucksack straps and removable chest straps, making them convenient for biking. A simple one-layer briefcase with a long handle that can be worn over the shoulder for a compact size balance. The two-layer clutch bag has a core material on the entire surface, so it can also be used as an inner case to carry gadgets.


ℹ️ Size: W: 280mm/ H: 410mm/ D:155mm

ℹ️ Weight: 595g

ℹ️ Material: Front: nylon polyester twill(back side: urethane coating) (Polyester cotton bonding processing) Lining: nylon twill(back side: urethane coating)


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